February is a “V” Month


The glamouring ladies are waiting to open their Valentine’s Day BOX eagerly. Glitter and Shine that’s all you ll get from your loved ones, will be filled with Love, emotions and care you can only get from one person. If you are single, enjoy the single-ness of this day, dress in the most catchy look you can gift yourself a Valentines BOX, and celebrate the day with your friends.



14th February not only brings the loved ones together but requires a lot of preps as well. Every person wants to surprise their beloved with something new. Thinking about Do’s and Don’ts, your outfit must be at the top of the list. Your astonishing look will thrive the whole day. You want to add the family of RED or PINK in your dressing for sure. From hair accessory till the toe nail color, amaze yourself and your loved ones.

Being ordinary – Do something Special.

Gift Shops and Outlets are neck to neck filled with every kind of catchy and lovely product you want to present on this day. You will always find a thing you need in stores, you name it and you get it, Gift boxes, wrapping papers, cards, flowers, chocolates and what not. But why not being simple and ordinary people do something special and different like every other day but with the 100% expression of your affection in your every act.



What about serving a hearty breakfast to your darling? In your everyday routine you just need to add a little bit of Essence of Love and it’s all done. This can be unexpected start of the day making other feel extremely special. A boiled egg hearty shaped made out with few stuff or using a heart shaped mold for making egg served with the hot chocolate tea with hearty sugar will blow the whole day. (Source: Hot Chocolate)



For Special Days like Valentine’s day, Dinners or Supper must need a special treatment as well. Decorating the dishes and mugs with the different type paints will create a lovely and amazing effect. Your Love has to be expressed in details when making a day special for your beloved. ( Source : Chalkboard Mug, Valentine Dishes)



You just need to do a little of working and the results will be fabulous. You can bake your own cupcakes or even you can buy them from the shop but the question is what style you are coming up with. Portrayal of your love in your every single act will make you happy and contented watching him smiling on your creativity. Let’s decorate the sweet heart cupcake. (Source: Sweetheart Cupcakes)



Flashy decorated gift boxes are easily available in any nearby store. Spending some little time and coming up with the heart filled expression of your feeling is more pleasing and fun. Show some of your crafting skills and create the gift box a memory for the rest of your lives. (Source: Valentine Gift Box)



Make other feel special and put together an extra gift box filled with the colorful cardboard hearts shapes. This confetti of heart shapes can be used by writing qualities of your beloved on the back of it. This colorful and very easy to build heart attack will overwhelm everyone for sure. And again you are making something out of ordinary things for this day special. (Source: Gift Wrap Heart Attack)



Enjoy every time of this day and your expression of Love should not get missed at any spot. Make him heart shaped cake if you are expert in baking, you can do it with no effort. The sandwich heart cake is also one of the creative and different ideas. Making a chocolate cake with vanilla ice-cream shaped as XOXO will create more love charm.


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