Panera Bread Menu Prices – Drop By Us Now To Locate Extra Specifics..

Panera Bread’s menu has a ton of options for everyone. But, considering the fact that spend a lot time preparing these meals, they’re natural experts in what’s worth buying at the casual dining chain. Panera Bread employees also receive a discount of anywhere from 50% to 75% off meals up to $US10, so many of them choose to eat at the restaurant while they’re on break.

Business Insider recently spoke to a number of current and former Panera Bread employees about their favourite meals. We also scoured the internet to locate more recommendations from employees on Quora and Reddit. Here’s just what the employees were required to say:

The steak and arugula sandwich – One Panera Bread associate of one year told Business Insider that they prefer this meaty offering. “It’s super unique and it has numerous flavours,” the employee told Business Insider, adding that they’d award the meal ten away from ten stars.

The squash soup – Associate Dorian Bach wrote in a 2016 Quora post that the particular option is the best soup in Panera Bread. But, alas, fans of this autumnal-gourd-based dish must delay until fall to partake once more. It’s a seasonal item at Panera Bread.

The chipotle chicken avocado melt – A former Panera Bread associate trainer told Business Insider they “used to always obtain the chipotle chicken avocado melt.”

The pecan braid – A Reddit poster who said these were a baker at Panera Bread rhapsodized the celestial qualities of one of the chain’s twistier products. They wrote that the fresh pecan braid is “heaven inside your mouth.”

The broccoli cheddar soup – One Panera Bread associate told Business Insider they “actually do still such as the food,” even after doing work for the chain for 3 years. “The broccoli cheddar soup is one of my favourites,” the associate added. Right now, you can order the broccoli cheddar soup every single day of every week at Panera Bread.

Mac and cheese mixed in with turkey chilli – Some employees want to mix things up at Panera Bread. “Pro tip: Obtain a you-pick-two in the fall with macaroni and cheese and turkey chilli,” former Panera Bread catering coordinator Laura Biermann wrote on Quora. “Ask for a salad bowl, and mix them together. It’s pretty amazing chilli-mac.”

The modern caprese sandwich – One Panera Bread employee that has worked on the chain to get a year along with a half told Business Insider that their favourite menu item will be the modern caprese. “It doesn’t have any meat onto it, but it has pesto and incredibly good tomato confit,” the staff member told Business Insider. “I recommend it to each customer who’s trying to find a good panini.”

The summer corn chowder – Summer soups make one Panera Bread hours feel fine. An associate that has worked in the chain to get a year along with a half told Business Insider that they ate on the restaurant “all enough time,” due fajdbv their 65% employee discount. “The summer corn chowder is very good – the corn is sweet and juicy, and it’s simple and easy , quick on a summer day,” the employee told Business Insider.

A modified strawberry poppyseed greens – Previous Panera Breads staff Josh Benner had taken to Quora to talk about some suggestions on hacking the chain’s food selection and described his go-to buy. Benner favoured opting for the you-pick-two choice and grabbing a strawberry poppyseed greens with a bacon turkey bravo. His best greens also highlighted a sprinkling of granola. The bravo sandwich, in the meantime, could be on asiago focaccia, with “cheddar dairy products as opposed to gouda,” without the standard tomato, and heated up “on the click.” Panera A loaf of bread relate Derek Bedell also praised the strawberry poppyseed salad on Quora, mentioning which it was “easily our top seller.” “It’s also excellent – I really like it,” he added.

The Mediterranean veggie sandwich – “One of my own favourites to consume at Panera is the Mediterranean vegetable sandwich on white colored miche,” Panera Breads worker Paul Royse authored on Quora. Royse extra that he would exchange out your cilantro hummus for your black bean hummus, and opt for an Oriental sesame salad rather than the wonton broth dish.